Posted by: cool611 | August 31, 2009

Club penguin SUPER cheats download!!

Hi Edmundyu1995 here!

New Cheats Pack at!!

Compare the new edition with version 4.1:

  Version 5 Version 4.1
Penguin Storm Version 2 Version 1
CP Revolution Version 3.5.0 Not in Cheats Pack
Links to SWF files and Money Maker Script No Yes (money maker script does not work)

Q: What is The Ultimate Club Penguin Cheats Pack?
A: The Ultimate Club Penguin Cheats Pack is a file with programs that you use to cheat on Club Penguin. This can be useful if you want to go and sit on the nightclub, or get lots of coins.

Q: How long will it take to download?
A: It depends, if you have broad it take take a minute or two, if you have dial-up it will take a little bit longer. About 3-5 minutes.

To download this pack you need to follow these instructions:
Click here.

Cheat Engine 5.0, 5.1.1, 5.2, 5.3 and the latest version, 5.4 for better performance!

Penguin Fire and Penguin Storm!

WPE Pro + dll file for better performance!

Plus other files!!


It is best to disable your antivirus program before running Cheat Engine or WPE Pro because it is a hacking program. Your antivirus program will probably recognise it as a trojan/worm/virus because of this. If you have no antivirus program installed then just install these programs anyway. You may have to deactivate the Windows Firewall as well. This can be done by opening the help centre on your start menu and then searching for windows firewall. follow the instructions to turn it off.


Q: How do you walk on walls using Penguin Storm or Penguin Fire?

A: You go to Edit > Walls > Walk On Walls, however, other penguins can’t see this. If you saw a penguin sitting on the Night Club it was a hack they did with WPE Pro, however, Club Penguin have fixed that now.

Q: How do I make myself a member for free using Penguin Fire or Penguin Storm?

A: You can’t. Club Penguin have removed something vital for doing that.

Q: Can I change my username using Penguin Fire or Penguin Storm?

A: MicroChip123 (the creator of those trainers) said it was possible but would be far too much hard work. I if were you I’d code it myself.

Q: Can I make the Money Maker on Penguin Fire or Penguin Storm auto? Can I make it more that 1000 coins at a time?

A: The answer to both those questions is ‘no’ as Club Penguin removed something vital for doing that. If I were you I’d be content with 1000 coins at a time.

Q: What is the Copy Bot on Penguin Storm?

A: The Copy Bot is a feature that will make you copy what ever someone else is saying as soon as they say it.

Q: What does ‘WPE Pro’ stand for?

A: ‘WPE Pro’ stands for Winsock Packet Editor Pro.

Q: When I use the item perm on Penguin Fire and Penguin Storm it says I have banned. What should I do?

A: That item is patched by Club Penguin and cannot be permed. The best thing to do is click on ‘Patched id breakout’ and don’t try that item again. However, you have not been banned. Don’t worry.

Q: Can I get a member item even if I am not a member on Penguin Storm?

A: No. The way MicroChip123 has coded it makes it just show up the message asking you whether you want it, it doesn’t use a code like ‘Call ShockwaveFlash1.SendVariable(”get.item”, itemidinputbox)



  1. how do you walk on wall at nightclubyouhave to download something

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